Our Vision

To create a community that inspires Filipinos to embrace individuality and an active lifestyle.

Who We Are

Neptune Actives is a multi-brand online store for high-performance and creative swimwear that is passionate about promoting a dynamic lifestyle through vibrant colors and patterns. Our pieces are carefully designed to reflect your uniqueness and let your personality shine in and out of the water. Through this, it is our hope to inspire everyone- men, women, and kids, to not be afraid to express their individual sense of style and desire for a healthy lifestyle.

The C-Infinity Technology

For our pioneer collection, we partnered with Funkita, an Australian swim apparel and accessories brand to be their official distributor in the Philippines. The first line of swimwear is made from C-Infinity, an exclusive premium Italian polyester fabric, the colors don’t fade and the swimwear won’t lose its shape even after hours in chlorinated water or under the sun. Our principals have redesigned swimwear to not only help you achieve your best performance but to look your best as well!

splash into life!

Our family, as active members of the swim community hope to give back and provide it with must-have brands they can confidently trust both for competitive and casual use. Inspired by the Roman god of the sea which we are named after, Neptune Actives aspire be a full range product line to support those who seek fun and functional swim and activewear.


Fun and Vibrant Designs

Aside from the fun and vibrant patterns and colors of our products, materials are sourced and made with your needs in mind. Our aim is to inspire you to get up and go out through the adventurous and playful style of our active wear.

Exceptional Quality

We believe in good, quality products that last. Since we are swim enthusiasts ourselves, we appreciate and know the desired quality that active individuals seek. We aim to provide our customers with the same standard that we set for ourselves. We won't sell anything we cannot vet for.

Unbeatable Customer Service

We aspire to be of service to the Filipino community of swimmers by providing them not only good quality service and products but exceptional customer service to support them with their needs.

Value for Money

We understand the demands of an active lifestyle and aligning with todays sustainability efforts, we hope to be part of the circular economy by choosing to sell products that give high economic and environmental value.